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Loans between individuals: operation and benefits

A loan between individuals: the principle As its name suggests, a personal loan is a type of consumer credit that is entered into directly between two individuals without going through a bank or credit institution. It is also found under the name of bankless credit, social credit, community credit or credit from individual to serious […]

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Credit Redemption – Credit Consolidation

Reduce monthly payments by up to 60% with the purchase of credits 1 The repurchase of credit as it is often called or regrouping of credits is a banking operation which consists in grouping several loans in one, causing a readjustment of the conditions of repayment, that is to say that the borrower disposes after […]

Comparator credit consumption, comparative personal loan

Why compare consumption credits? After having carefully studied your project credit conso, you may consider taking action. By educating yourself and browsing some platforms, you may opt for a credit agency that does not match 100% to your needs. To enable you to make a thoughtful and consistent choice on the right credit offer, it […]

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Mortgage Loan Redemption

What is the purchase of mortgages? How is it setting up? Quasimodo offers you its expertise on this banking operation. Mortgage purchase: principle You should know that a mortgage is a guarantee on real estate for the creditor who lends a sum of money to the debtor. In a loan pooling project involving a mortgage […]

Small Business Loan: See How to Increase Your Chances

Anyone who believes that getting bank credit for a legal entity is an easy task can find out, in the worst possible way, that it is not so. It is so bureaucratic that many people mistakenly believe that banks are not interested in lending to small businesses. See for a summary In fact, what […]